klise D14 dentil molding
We Carry Klise Style D14 and Other Retired Embossed Wood Designs
Did you know that A Lewis Manufacturing can produce Klise style D-413? Offered in all Appalachian hardwoods, mahogany and alder. This product is offered in several sizes and is produced to order in our Baltimore City facility.
A Lewis also offers many of the same profiles of embossed, turned rope and dentil mouldings once offered by Klise and even other embossed wood manufacturers that are now retired or hard to find. We can easily duplicate almost any style, profile, turned rope or dentil moulding design.

Turned rope mouldings are kept in stock. All other parts are produced to order in your choice of woods such as Appalachian hardwoods, mahogany, alder and pine.

We are open and ready to go to work for you. Please feel free to send us your photos of what you need or contact us with your specifications at info@alewismfg.com or call us toll free at 800-969-2212.