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A Lewis Mfg offers endless possibilities of sizes, profiles, woods and patterns — all of our products are manufactured to order. The items presented here on our web site are many of the most commonly requested. However, other sizes, radius, shapes and combinations of designs are also available. If you are unable to locate a pattern or profile here to meet your specifications, please contact us.

embossed panel moulding
Series 1
Embossed Panel Moulding
Embossed Casing and Chair Rail
Series 2
Casings & Chair Rails
Cut Dentil Moulding
Series 3
Dentil Moulding
Embossed Crown Moulding
Series 4
Embossed Crown Moulding
Embossed Base Moulding
Series 5
Embossed Base Moulding
Series 6
Turned Rope Moulding
Series 7
Turned Rope Moulding
embossed decorative mouldings
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